Katarina Mikaila.
Hair Extension Specialist.
New Jersey.

Some other things I’ve done :)

Anonymous asked: my points proven, you can't even post that statement because there is no statement, you're a lying cunt and you know it, all of rumson/monmouth beach hates you.. like I said before your hair extensions look like shit.. literally disgusting.. and by the way.. you might wanna file down those disgusting pieces of plastic you call nails

Who do I even know from Rumson or Monmouth Beach? Exactly. And “cunt” cute word, I bet a real classy person uses that word. Considering they don’t, you’re the trashy scum sucking bitch. And nope, sorry love :) I don’t do things for you, I do them for myself. Because people like you are worthless.

Anonymous asked: I disregarded everything else because I know its a lie, and yeah your american rag tank is hardly designer.. so fucking jealous of your mall bought clothes

You can do better, come on. Where are the good insults?

Anonymous asked: GO RIGHT AHEAD post the statement from AMEX.. I'm sure you won't

I love how that’s your only reply to everything else inaccurate you said. Or come over, you know where I live :) Im sure you’d love too see my closet with all the clothes you can’t afford. Dont worry, I see where the jealousy comes from.

Anonymous asked: Oh yeah and any person with money can tell your "designer" bags are as fake as your disgusting painted on eyebrows.. you can just tell by the stitching.. you're from trashy long branch.. you do not have a fucking 5,000 dollar bag.

HAHAHA, okay. Sorry that because I’m from Long Branch that, that makes me trashy. Glad to know that. Considering if you knew ANYTHING about my family you would know my family franchises Attilios along with a construction business. Continue to make me laugh, please. Anyone can hide behind a computer screen and talk shit. Gauranteed you’d never say anything to me in person. And if it will help you sleep at night, I’ll post my dads statement from AMEX so you can see the prices of my handbags and where they were purchased.

Anonymous asked: your eyebrows are disgusting and so are your extensions.. they look awful.. you did my friends and she cried for hours.. you are no fucking specialist.. and PS no one fucking believes anything you post half of that shit is off tumblr…trashy scum sucking bitch

Half of what is off of tumblr? Please inform me. And considering you’re a liar about your friends extensions, I’ll laugh my ass off. I only do people’s extensions I know, and only once I’ve done a strangers who I am friends with now. So cut the shit. And let me correct you, I don’t have extensions in you “trashy scum sucking bitch”

Keratin Bond Fusion Extensions 22inch

Micro Link Extensions. Top- 18inch brown with blonde highlights. Bottom- 20inch self created ombre using extensions